Bob Proctor Wants to Make You Some Money

Science of Getting RichHave you heard of Bob Proctor?  Whether you have or not, he wants you to be rich.

I have blogged before about affiliate marketing programs and a great opportunity arrived in my email this week. A couple years ago Bob Proctor got together with Jack Canfield and Rev. Michael Beckwith, 2 of his co-stars from The Secret, to create the SGR Program. At the time it cost $2,000 and shipped with a whole bunch of stuff in addition to the real content.  It sold very well.

They took the program offline a couple months ago to revamp it and make it more affordable.  They are about to relaunch the program, without all of the fluff, at a much more affordable price – only $197.  It hasn’t launched yet and they are looking for affiliates to help them promote it.  The affiliate program is free, so it is worth it to at least check it out.

Here’s the email that I received about it.


I want to invite you to something really special.

A couple of years ago, back in 2007, I made a decent amount of money from this  just by pushing copy, paste and send. It’s called the Science of Getting Rich (sounds like something the market would like to have right now, doesn’t it?).

So boy, was I glad to see Bob Proctor and his team relaunch it!

I’m signing up again because I know it will be another success. (I mean, we ARE talking about a powerful product from Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Rev. Michael Beckwith)

And I want to personally invite you to jump on the bandwagon.

They have a great affiliate plan. And it’s so, so easy.

The pre-launch date is April 14th, so hurry to get your head start.


PS: Oh, and did I mention it’s a 50% commission 2-tier program? Plus, there’ll be an additional ONGOING 50% commission on a new continuity program they’ve got. It’s a beauty!

So, go get on board, send out some emails, and prepare to make some money.

Wayne Woodworth
Affiliate Marketer

UPDATE:  The program has launched and, based on the emails I have seen, has been extremely successful so far.  Now is a great time to get on board.

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