Competition vs Cooperation in Internet Network Marketing

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Most people in business talk about competition. I believe that cooperation is a better way to go about it. Network marketing is built on cooperation, and it is even more important with internet network marketing.

The Problem With Competition

In competition you limit yourself by the best that your opponent can do. I think Bob Proctor is the first person that I heard say this. When you compete you only seek to surpass the effort of your competitor. Competition does not necessarily push you to do the best that you can do.

When I was much younger I was in a swimming program and one day the instructor decided to challenge us to see who could swim the farthest underwater. Everyone went under at the same time and started swimming the length of the pool. Instead of doing my best, I hung back and watched until everyone else had surfaced. Then I swam just beyond the last person and came up. I win! It was a competition to see who could outdo everyone else, not a challenge to see how good each person could do, so I didn’t do my best, just good enough to win.

Competition Can Turn Ugly

Competition can become very destructive when it shifts even farther from doing your best, or just better than everyone else, to bringing down your competition instead. If you want proof just look back to any election campaign in the past several years. Instead of selling you on why they are the best choice for the office, the politicians now try to convince you that their opponent is a worse choice. There is absolutely no attempt to create anything positive in the experience.

More related to network marketing, I have talked to and worked with several network marketers who spent more time worrying about what others might be getting away with than they spent on building their own network marketing business. I had one friend who spent hours looking for all the ways a handful of other marketers were possibly breaking the rules. When he finally stopped doing that and spent the time on his own business instead it really took off. You will always make more money building your own business than you will by tearing down someone else’s.

Cooperation – Working for Mutual Benefit

Cooperation can help you win in anything that you do. Here’s an example from NASCAR. I used to be a huge fan of NASCAR but I don’t watch it much anymore. I did watch the Daytona 500 a week ago and as much as they talk about competition, it is all about cooperation up until the final laps. First, the driver has their own team, the guys in the pit stalls that service the car during the race. Obviously they all have to cooperate to get the fastest stops possible.

Cooperation on the Race TrackOn the race track during a restrictor plate race like Daytona cooperation is key. A single car running by itself will only go in one direction compared to the rest of the field – backwards. Two cars working together are much faster and have a much better chance of getting to the front of the field and have a shot for the win. The more cars working together in a line the better. When the focus shifts from cooperation to competition is when wrecks become more likely. To prove the point, the Daytona 500 finished under caution because of a wreck on the final lap.

Cooperation in Network Marketing

Cooperation in network marketing is about building something – building trust with prospects and customers, building a team, and building your income. You simply cannot do it on your own if you want to succeed in network marketing. It is called network marketing after all. You cannot build a network if you are in competition with everyone.

To maximize your income in network marketing you will cooperate with your upline and downline. Some network marketing companies even promote cooperation cross line, usually in the form of training on what is working and what isn’t. Just like in NASCAR, when network marketers work together in true cooperation they can build much more than what any of them can build by themselves.

Cooperation in Internet Network Marketing

Cooperation is even more important in online marketing and is the only way to succeed in social media marketing. Social media marketing is all about getting other people to share your message with their network, whether that is liking or sharing something on Facebook, retweeting or favoriting on Twitter, or pinning on Pinterest.

Cooperation in Social Media MarketingThere is a lot of cooperation going around on Facebook. Tuesday is for following each other and retweeting each other’s posts on Twitter. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all about liking each other’s pages on Facebook. This is using cooperation to expand your circles to reach more people. I participate in the hopes of finding the people who want to take the cooperation to the next level and actively share each other’s content on a regular basis.

The same thing goes for online marketing with a blog. You can write the greatest content the world has ever seen, but if nobody sees it, then it might as well not even exist. Google will eventually index your post and people may see it that way, but that can take a very long time. The best way to get exposure quickly is through social media like I already mentioned and by commenting on other people’s blogs. The same rules of cooperation apply with commenting as with social media. You leave a comment on someone’s blog and then they hopefully come to your blog and leave a comment as well.

What has worked better in your experience, competition or cooperation? Please share your thoughts in a comment below then share this with your networks on Facebook and Twitter.


PS. If you are more about cooperation than competition then I invite you to find out more about working with me in network marketing.

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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Start Making Money

Make Money in Network MarketingI love network marketing and I believe it is the quickest and easiest way to start making money. You probably agree that you could use a little extra income every month. Maybe you could use a lot of extra income every month. Maybe the idea of “network marketing” or “mlm” has left you with a bad taste. Bear with me for a few minutes and see if I can convince you that it is worth another look.

Benefits of a Network Marketing Business

The idea behind network marketing is that you can make money by promoting products you use to other people and make some money from it. You probably already recommend things to your friends and family – a movie, a restaurant, a recipe, a cleaner that really works for you. My wife does it all the time, and she says she hates “selling”. Ummm, that is selling. You’re selling someone else’s product or idea but you’re not earning a commission on it.

Network marketing companies will pay you a commission for recommending products that you already use. Do you use a cellphone, have gas or electric service to your house, take nutritional supplements, or clean your house? There are network marketing companies that will allow you to generate an income from any of those products or services, and many more. You just have to find one that you can be passionate about.

Low Startup Costs and Shorter Time to Profit

A traditional business can be very expensive to start. You may have to rent a storefront, maintain an inventory, hire employees, or any of a number of other startup costs. It can be from a few months to a number of years before you start making any money. Add on to this that you probably had to borrow money, so you have repayment costs and interest on top of it all.

You can avoid all of those costs with a network marketing business. The companies that I am familiar with all cost less than $100 to get started. You can invest more to start at a higher level and/or have some product to start with so that you can experience it for yourself. It may be recommended but it isn’t required.

Most network marketing companies don’t not require you to keep an inventory of the product. Actually, they discourage it now. The company processes and fulfills the orders, so there is not need for you to have any inventory other than the product you use yourself and maybe a few samples.

Because the startup costs are so small with a network marketing business, you get into profit much more quickly. If you have a couple customers already lined up when you sign up then you can be in the black with your first check from the company. That’s a great way to start a new business.

You Have Freedom with Network Marketing

I like the freedom that I have with my network marketing business. I get to work when I want to because I am my own boss. That means that I am completely responsible for doing what needs to be done. I am responsible for my own results. If I want to make more money this month, then I need to sell more product. I can add more people to my team to increase my income and help them generate their own income, kind of a share-the-wealth plan.

Another freedom that you have with network marketing is that you can start right now, even if you have a full-time job, if you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad), or whatever your situation. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Try the product, have an experience with it, share it with someone when then orders the product, and you made some money in your new business.

This is a good place to put in my income disclaimer. There is no guarantee that you will make any money with network marketing. Your income is completely dependent on how much product you sell.

The Network Marketing Company I Am With

I like to have a clean house and I like to use products that are safe for the environment and for my family, so I promote Shaklee. They also sell nutritional supplements that are backed by science, so that it another great line of products to have available. Shaklee has been around forever (founded in 1956) so they are a well established company and not as likely to disappear overnight as a newer company.

If you are interested in what they may have to offer, check out Shaklee. If you like what you see, then consider joining my Shaklee team.

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Unemployment Versus Unemployable

You hear all the time right now about unemployment.  People are going through layoffs, downsizings and rightsizings as companies seek to find a way through the current economy, or give up entirely and close their doors.

On the other hand, if you travel in small business / entrepreneurial circles, you hear people talk about being unemployable.  I’m not talking about people who have no skills and no ambition.  These are bright people with a lot of skills.  So why are they unemployable?

Because they choose to be.  They are of the mindset that they cannot work for someone else because they have chosen their own course, taken responsibility for their own results, and will not allow any external agency to set limits on what they can accomplish or how much money they can make.

I learned about being unemployable when I quit my job to work full-time to build my network marketing business. I could never go back to a job where someone else tells me what to do all day. As an independent network marketer I get to set my own schedule and work around the things that are important to me, like my family.

It takes a lot of dedication and you have to be self-motivated to stick to the course and do the things that need to be done. If you have that then there are no limits to what you can do.

So, what are you going to do?

Wayne Woodworth
How I became unemployable.

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Would You Quit Your Job If You Won A Million Dollars?

Million DollarsI saw this question posted by someone on Facebook yesterday – would you quit your job if you won a million dollars?

Would you?

Knowing what I know now, if I still had a job and won a million dollars, like in a lottery, I would definitely not quit my job. Statistics show that people who win a million dollars lose it or spend it almost as quickly as they got it. People who have jobs don’t have the necessary mindset or skills to preserve that level of income.

That’s not to put down anyone who has a job. I had a job for a long time.

I think a more interesting question is – would you be willing to start a business and build up a million dollar mindset so that you can quit your job?

I answered yes to that question and I know many others who did too.

There are many ways that you can go about starting and building up a business. I chose network marketing because there is very little risk involved and you can grow it as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can also build it while keeping your regular job, so you have a bit of a safety net.

Building a business and working toward the million dollars over a period of time allows you to develop your mindset and adjust your habits and lifestyle to one that supports being a millionaire, or whatever level you want.

Don’t go for things that sound like get rich quick schemes either. A friend’s sister recently lost a lot of money that she had invested in such a deal. You want to get involved in something that takes time and requires some effort on your part. Something that you have a level of control over.

Consider this. What does a family that makes $60,000 do when they will a million dollars in the lottery? Most likely they go out and buy a bunch of new stuff – a new house, new cars, big screen TV, maybe a boat. When the million dollars is gone, they have a bunch of toys that continue to require upkeep and taxes. They can’t afford that because they haven’t increased their regular income.

If you have a business that you have built up over time, and more importantly the mindset to support it, you will probably do things differently. Yes, you will probably still have a lot of the same toys as the family above, but you will have also learned to diversify your income by investing in other things that generate passive income. Essentially, you invest your million dollars and live on the interest.

I haven’t reached a million dollars yet myself, but if you would like to start down that path with me, here is the network marketing business that I am working with.

Wayne Woodworth

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All Fiat Currencies Have Died. We Have a Fiat Currency

This is a little scary, especially when you see how it is already going for some countries in Europe.

The US Dollar and the European Union’s Euro are fiat currencies, meaning that they have no intrinsic value and are not backed by anything that has intrinsic value. They have value only because the respective governments declare that they do. Fiat is a Latin word meaning “let it be done” or “it shall be.”

All fiat currencies throughout history have failed.

According to Wikipedia, the first fiat currency was issued by the Yuan Dynasty of China under Kublai Khan. Toward the end of the Yuan Dynasty, they printed more and more un-backed fiat currency to finance themselves, resulting in hyperinflation.

Sound familiar? The Federal Reserve has been printing more and more dollars and the US government keeps buying them.

Did  you catch that? The Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, prints the US currency and the US government buys that currency and puts it into circulation. Every $1 Federal Reserve Note represents $1 of debt owed to the private Federal Reserve Bank. We don’t use money to buy groceries and gas and pay our mortgages. We use federal debt.

Consider this. When the US Dollar was backed by gold under the Bretton Woods system, the value of dollar was tied to gold at $35 an ounce. At the current spot price, gold is worth about $1,590 an ounce. The value of the US Dollar has dropped a loooooooong way in the last 40 years.

What I am doing to protect myself is increase my income through network marketing and affiliate marketing. Any extra currency I have left over at at the end of the month goes to buy gold or silver.

There are gold and silver network marketing companies that I could work with. I have decided to stay with my wellness-based MLM because it is easier to convince people that they need to take better care of themselves than convince them that their dollar is less than worthless.

What are you doing to protect yourself? Leave me your advice in a comment below then share this post with your followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Wayne Woodworth

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My Dad Cannot Afford to Retire, But He’s Better Off Than Most

I often hear my Dad say that he cannot afford to retire or that he cannot afford to live past 85 years old.

That’s really sad to hear from someone who has worked and saved their whole life, earned a pension, and invested in their 401k. He’s done everything exactly as he was supposed to, as we have all been taught.

My Dad is an accountant. He knows all about saving, investing, and forecasting his money. That’s how he knows that he only have enough to live on until he reaches 85.

I don’t think it is really as dire as he says, but still. That isn’t something that he is supposed to have to worry about when he gets to retirement age.

And he’s better off than most people as they reach retirement.

That’s why I am in network marketing and doing some affiliate marketing on top of that. I have also invested in a little bit of gold and silver over the years.

Have you noticed that there are more and more places displaying “We Buy Gold” signs? That’s because the value of gold is going up and the value of the dollar is going down. It’s a good investment. Everything I hear says that gold will be used as money again soon and the dollar will be worthless paper.

Anyway, you need to take care of your future, and one way to do that is to build something that can earn you a residual income, like a network marketing business.

As you build your network marketing business, adding people to your team, you earn income from their efforts. Income that doesn’t depend on your direct involvement.

I am building my business online, which gives me an added level of residual income. Every page that I write on my website is a sales person that goes out and works for me 24 hours a day and passes up 100% of the income it earns to me.

Find out more about network marketing here. If you would like to learn more about joining my team with a wellness company, you can do that here.

Wayne Woodworth



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Internet Affiliate Marketing

Internet affiliate marketers depend on websites to market their affiliate products, whether through simple little landing pages or by blogging like I do. So, if you are an affiliate marketer, then an obvious affiliate program to get involved with would be one for a hosting company or other service that provides a system to place your offer.

I want to share two such different possibilities and compare their potential benefits.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The first is HostMonster. They are the hosting company that I use for all of my websites and I have used them for about 4.5 years I think. I have been very pleased with how stable my websites have been, which is important when you depend on your sites being up to generate revenue. I rarely need it, but when I do, there customer service is awesome. It isn’t hired out to a third party so they can get you real answers and sometimes fix your issues while you are on the phone with them.

HostMonster’s affiliate program is very good too. You make $65 for every new sign-up through your affiliate link. That’s the majority of what they collect for the first year of hosting, so they count on customers staying long-term. That shows a lot of confidence that they will be able to keep customers. The affiliate program is free once you have your hosting account.

Owning your own website gives you a lot of control in your online presence and marketing and gives you a central location to direct people from multiple sources, like the social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s also a lot less expensive than other systems that will enable you to get your content online, especially if you want one friendly to affiliate marketers.

Empower Network

The Empower Network is another system that I use. This is a system put together for network and affiliate marketers by network and affiliate marketers. That means that they are very friendly to affiliate marketers. As long as you content and offer are legal, you can put it up.

There are four significant benefits to the Empower Network.

1) Their entry-level offering is a blog system. There is very little setup to do unlike with a website that you own yourself, like through HostMonster. With that comes less control over how your website looks and functions.

2) They have up-sells. Up-sells equals more opportunities to make money. The up-sells in the Empower Network are valuable training programs. You could almost call the Empower Network a business-in-a-box. You buy the blogging platform and have a place to advertise. You buy the training and they teach you how to sell, then you can sell the training too.

3) 100% commissions. That’s right, for every product you sell, they pay out 100%. They don’t make any money from you selling their system. They are active in selling it themselves to generate their income.

4) A continuity program. Their blogging system and first up-sell, the Inner Circle, are monthly subscriptions. When your customer subscribes to the blogging system and stays with it, the $25 fee collected every month gets back back out every month. In short, you have a residual income.

Those are two systems that I use. HostMonster is for serious websites where you want more control of the appearance and functionality. Empower Network is for those things where a series of blog posts will work and for people who are newer to internet marketing and can make good use of the training they offer.

Which one will you use? Like I said, I use them both.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. This should be pretty obvious but I have to say it anyway. I am an affiliate with both of these companies and if you click on my link and buy, then I may very well make some money. Making money by recommending the services that you already use is the whole point of the post and I’m suggesting that you do the same thing I’m doing.

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Bob Proctor on How to Live a Life of Financial Freedom

Have you watched Bob Proctor’s Secret Income System videos yet? In the 4 videos he talks about one way that you can live a life of financial freedom if you want to. The videos are amazing and have a lot of good content that you can apply to whatever you decide to do.

The first video is about Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? For me it is about Time Freedom – being able to take the time to be with my family when I want to without having to get anyone else’s permission. For other’s it might be about money freedom – having the money to do what they want to do at any given time. Maybe for you it is just not having to worry about time, money, or whatever it is that you have to worry about.

The second video is about what Bob Proctor calls MSIs or Multiple Streams of Income. I have sometimes seen it written as Multiple Sources of Income. Either way, it is about having several income streams or income sources set up that pretty much run themselves without you having to monitor them continually. In other words, he’s not talking about having a second or third job because a job requires your presence in order for you to make money.

One example of someone with multiple sources of income would be an author who has written several books. Take Jack Canfield for example. There are many different titles in the Chicken Soup book series that he started by co-authoring Chicken Soup for the Soul. Each one of those books can be considered a stream of income and Jack Canfield collects a check every so often from the sales of those books, regardless of whether he is actively promoting the books or not.

Of course you don’t have to be an author to have multiple streams of income. There are many ways that you could set something up.

The third video is about Fear. Fear is what keeps us in our place. I love to listen to Bob talking about fear and the Terror Barrier. If you aren’t familiar with the Terror Barrier then for now you can think of it as the boundary around your comfort zone. However you want to look at it, you fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone and through your terror barrier is what keeps you from reaching the freedom that you want.

Check out the videos. I promise you that if you watch them and pay attention to them, they will be well worth your time.

You can register to receive access to them here.

When you have watched them, come back and tell me in a comment below what you thought of them.

Wayne Woodworth


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Mike Maloney On The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

I received a link to this video not too long ago with Mike Maloney of talking about the soon to come greatest wealth transfer in history. Check it out.

Gold has become very expensive over the last few years, so I like silver. Silver, while getting more and more expensive, is still affordable and regular people still have the opportunity to build up a small stock pile as a hedge against whatever may happen.

It has become very difficult to get a good idea of what is really going to happen with the economy and our currency. What I do know is that our currency is a fiat currency, meaning that it is just paper not backed by anything of real value. I also know that the Federal Reserve is printing more and more currency all the time. One more thing that I know is that there has never in history been a fiat currency that didn’t eventually fail.

That is why I am making sure that I have at least a little gold and silver hidden away somewhere for a rainy day.

One good place to learn how to safe-guard your wealth is with Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group. Mike is learning a lot about how the wealthy grow and protect their wealth regardless of the economy, and he is sharing that information, and his access to the experts, with everyone who wants to learn.

Mike will be doing a webinar soon where you will be able to learn more about what The Elevation Group is all about and how you can gain access to this information. The Elevation Group is how I learned about Mike Maloney, and he is just one of the experts that Mike Dillard has met. Check out the webinar and decide for yourself.

Go here to register for one of The Elevation Group’s upcoming webinars.

Wayne Woodworth

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Would You Like a Stake in the Greatest Transfer of Wealth?

I’ve heard it said many times and from many different people that the Great Depression represents the greatest transfer of wealth in American history. I have also heard, again from many different people over the past few years, that we are facing another transfer of wealth, possibly even bigger than the Great Depression.

What they mean when they say transfer of wealth, at least in this case, is that as the value of one form of wealth declines (the unbacked US dollar) the value of other forms of wealth increase (like gold and silver).

There is a lot of talk right now about inflation, hyperinflation, and deflation. All of the experts are speculating about what is actually going to happen this time around.

This creates an incredible opportunity for people with the right kind of knowledge to position themselves on the receiving end of that wealth transfer. The trick is to get the right kind of knowledge. It isn’t just about buying up all of the gold and silver you can find.

While I have heard many so-called gurus talk about this information, there is only one who I have heard actually talk about how to do all of this. How to buy gold and silver, how to position yourself to take advantage of the things that are going on in the economy, how to protect your wealth. He has been researching the knowledge that he needs to succeed and is sharing it with the rest of us.

Mike Dillard has webinar coming up soon where he will talk about some of these topics and tell you how you can find out more.


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