Would You Quit Your Job If You Won A Million Dollars?

Million DollarsI saw this question posted by someone on Facebook yesterday – would you quit your job if you won a million dollars?

Would you?

Knowing what I know now, if I still had a job and won a million dollars, like in a lottery, I would definitely not quit my job. Statistics show that people who win a million dollars lose it or spend it almost as quickly as they got it. People who have jobs don’t have the necessary mindset or skills to preserve that level of income.

That’s not to put down anyone who has a job. I had a job for a long time.

I think a more interesting question is – would you be willing to start a business and build up a million dollar mindset so that you can quit your job?

I answered yes to that question and I know many others who did too.

There are many ways that you can go about starting and building up a business. I chose network marketing because there is very little risk involved and you can grow it as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can also build it while keeping your regular job, so you have a bit of a safety net.

Building a business and working toward the million dollars over a period of time allows you to develop your mindset and adjust your habits and lifestyle to one that supports being a millionaire, or whatever level you want.

Don’t go for things that sound like get rich quick schemes either. A friend’s sister recently lost a lot of money that she had invested in such a deal. You want to get involved in something that takes time and requires some effort on your part. Something that you have a level of control over.

Consider this. What does a family that makes $60,000 do when they will a million dollars in the lottery? Most likely they go out and buy a bunch of new stuff – a new house, new cars, big screen TV, maybe a boat. When the million dollars is gone, they have a bunch of toys that continue to require upkeep and taxes. They can’t afford that because they haven’t increased their regular income.

If you have a business that you have built up over time, and more importantly the mindset to support it, you will probably do things differently. Yes, you will probably still have a lot of the same toys as the family above, but you will have also learned to diversify your income by investing in other things that generate passive income. Essentially, you invest your million dollars and live on the interest.

I haven’t reached a million dollars yet myself, but if you would like to start down that path with me, here is the network marketing business that I am working with.

Wayne Woodworth

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