The Solution to Rising Health Care Costs

Before the economy became a problem, the news stories were about how health care is too expensive and people cannot afford insurance. Now that the economy is the top story, even more people are unable to afford health care. Do you know people who are in this position? Are you concerned that you could face this before the economy recovers? Would you be interested in a solution?

My favorite solution to rising costs is to make more money.  Easier said than done, right? It is easy.  Network marketing and affiliate marketing are what I like to do.  Would you like to get paid for recommending your favorite movie or restaurant to your friends? Unfortunately, restaurants and theaters don’t do that, although they do depend on word-of-mouth advertising for the majority of their sales. Some companies do work that way though, and they use either a network marketing or affiliate marketing plan.

Wayne Woodworth
Internet Marketer

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