Wellness Network Marketing

Network Marketing, especially Wellness Network Marketing, is a great way to build a supplemental income, and eventually a primary income.

This is the perfect time to think about starting a network marketing business.  These days everyone is worried about the economy.  Banks are going under as well as other large businesses.  Thousands of people are becoming unemployed.  Network Marketing is the perfect answer to this problem.  I know people who are doing Tupperware, Shaklee, Arbonne, Juice Plus, Ambit, Ignite,  Xango, and SendOutCards.  I am with Nikken, a wellness network marketing company.  None of them are worried about losing their job.  Once they have been doing it for a while they aren’t worried about their next paycheck either.  My upline has been with Nikken for better than 20 years and is not worried at all about the economy.  They have created their own, very robust, economy.

You hear about the people during the Great Depression who struggled to put food on the table for their families.  Those stories account for something like 25% of the peole during that time.  While it is a large percentage of the population, it isn’t the larger part of the population.  Most people were doing ok while some people were prospering.  How would you like to be part of the group who will be “doing ok” regardless of what the world’s economy does in the future?  Or, better yet, how would you like to be a part of the group who is prospering to the point where they can freely give back to help the people who are struggling?  I will bet you that a large part of that prospering group will be people who started a home-based business, and in many cases who started a network marketing business.

Right now I’m in the group that is doing ok but I will soon be in the group that is prospering.  Anybody care to join me? Please leave me your comments.

Wayne Woodworth
Wellness Network Marketer
Future Giver of Prosperity

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