The Key to a Prosperous Home Based Business

Persistence is the key to building a prosperous home based business.

There are two points to persistence when building your business.  The first is the persistence to stick with your business over time and the second is the persistence it takes to convert your prospects into customers.

Most people trying to build a home based business give up after a couple months, but in most cases it will take a few years to get a business to the point where it is self-sufficient.  When starting with network marketing companies you hear about how this certain person went out and after only 2 weeks signed up 20 people and made $10,000.  Those people are incredibly rare and to have the expectation of hitting those levels in a short time is unrealistic for most people.  When starting any new enterprise, you have to have the persistence to stick with it for a long period of time and give it a real chance to grow.

The other persistence you need is in converting prospects into customers.  When building a home based business it is easy to let your motivation slip and not do all that you know you should do.  You don’t feel like picking up the phone today, making the little tweaks to your website or writing that blog post.

To be successful, you need to be persistent with your prospects.  In my leads meeting last week several members talked about how making just one more phone call to a customer finally closed the deal.

You will find out, if you haven’t already, that most people will say “no” the first time you make your offer.  “No” usually just means “not yet” and if you give up on a prospect after hearing “no” that first time, then you will probably never get anywhere in your business.  Check back with them on a regular basis to just ask how they are doing.

You don’t have to pitch your product or service every time.  Just build a relationship over time so that when they are ready for your offer, you are the one who comes to mind and who is going to get the business.  Sometimes all it takes is you calling your prospect one more time than your competitor.  This is a great way to stand out because most people will give up after the first or second call.

Wayne Woodworth
Persistent Network Marketer

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