Opportunities for Employment

With the economy the way it is and unemployment rising, many people are looking for opportunities for employment.  As painful as it is for those people who are directly affected, some experts say that what is happening is actually a correction.  One of the principles America was founded on was entrepreneurship and since the industrial revolution our society has moved away from small businesses to where most people now work for large companies.  Our food comes from industrial farms instead of small family farms.  The things we use are made in large factories and sold at big-box stores instead of made by craftsmen and sold in mom-and-pop stores.

Now things are changing.  Since jobs are disappearing from large companies, people are creating their own jobs by starting their own businesses.  A small business is better able to offer more personal service and take better care of their customers.  They are also more accountable to their customers because if customers don’t like the service then the business will quickly disappear.

One of the easiest ways to start your own business is with network marketing.  They provide a ready-made product or service and usually a business plan.  All you have to do is decide to join the growing ranks and start taking good care of your new customers.

Wayne Woodworth
network marketer
sharer of small-business opportunities

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