Responsibility – A Success Factor

Do you take responsibility for your successes and your failures?

I was listening to Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success yesterday. At the point where I am in the series he is talking about the 11 characteristics of great leaders as Napolean Hill laid them out in Think and Grow Rich in the chapter on Organized Planning. In this particular video, Bob Proctor was talking about the 10th characteristic – a willingness to assume full responsibility.

There are two kinds of responsibility, being responsible to someone or something and being responsible for something. We are responsible to others,  our customers or employers for example to give our best for our compensation, but we can never be responsible for others. Neither can we hold other people responsible for us.

Bob Proctor says that responsibility is the key to freedom. If we blame others for our problems or lack of success then we make ourselves victims of things and people we cannot control. Once we take responsibility for our own actions, our own successes and failures, we have the ability to change them for the better. You can’t change the world but you can change yourself.

What would you like to improve? Finances, health, happiness. What are you going to take responsibility for today and change for the better?

Wayne Woodworth
Responsible for my own success

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