Home Based Business – A Good Reason

I met someone yesterday who has an excellent reason to look into a home-based business. She is the manager of a local department store photography studio. ┬áThe corporate office dictates the hours that her store is open without any input from her or feedback on what her customers need. She had to lay off all of her employees because the store isn’t open long enough to justify paying anyone and they aren’t making much money because the store is only open during the hours that her customers are at work. Talk about being a victim of Corporate America.

What she would like to do is go into business for herself doing photography but she’s worried that she wouldn’t be able to get enough clients. She probably also has a “no compete” clause in her contract which would make the jump to independence difficult. She also can’t go looking anywhere else for work because the people she let go are all still looking for work So she feels trapped.

A home-based business, like network marketing, could be a great opportunity for her if she has the motivation to make it work. She can do it part-time and still have time for her family and her current job, which is only part-time anyway. Once she gets going, it will help her bring in some extra money to make ends meet. Eventually she can start generating enough of an income to be able to quit the job and do the network marketing business full-time while she rides out the “no compete” period then start a part-time photography business if she still wants to. Then the network marketing income becomes the financial security for her to pursue her true passion.

Do you know anyone who is in a similar situation to this lady, or even that of her former employees? Have them read this and then at least take a look at network marketing.

Wayne Woodworth

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