Do You Want to Live the Good Life?

I have started listening to Bob Proctor’s Mission in Commission program, which is for people who make their income through sales.   He makes a few statements on the first disk that really stood out to me.

First is a quote that he found from a Spanish distiller: “The good life is expensive.  There is another way to live that doesn’t cost as much, but it isn’t any good.” I like that line.  Everybody has dreams of living a certain lifestyle and most people think they will never have it.  I think that’s too bad.  I believe that we are here to experience all of the greatness that life has to offer and it is a shame when we limit ourselves with wrong ideas.  Bob Proctor notes that salespeople are both the highest paid and the lowest paid of all professions and the difference between high and low is just your mindset.

The second statement that stood out is that “selling is something you do for a person, not to a person.” Being involved in network marketing circles online I am constantly amazed at how pushy some marketers are.  They will tell you all about how great their opportunity is almost before they ask your name.  Selling is about finding out about the other person.  Who are they, what kind of person are they, what are their concerns and needs.  Build a relationship first then only bring up your product and business opportunity if you see that you can fill a legitimate need of theirs.  Most people I meet on a daily basis know nothing about me being a network marketer or the product that I sell unless I learn they have a need for it.  Be a person and a friend first.

Bob then went on with the qualities that he thinks makes for a good salesperson.  “It takes a pleasing personality and sincere desire to help someone else improve their quality of life.” I think we’ve pretty much covered this one.  If you are friendly, not pushy, and have a genuine desire to help then you have the necessary qualities to be a great salesperson.  The rest of what you need are skills that can be learned.

If you like this material then you will love Bob Proctor’s other programs.  If you are interested in trying you hand at sales then I recommend network marketing because it is easy to get into and learn the skills as you go.  I know of a few different opportunities that you can check out.  Leave me a comment and we’ll talk.

Wayne Woodworth
Everyone is a salesperson. Most just don’t know it.

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