Diminishing Value of the Dollar

The value of the dollar has been decreasing over the past several years.  You know that.  You know why too.  The government keeps pumping out more money in the form of bailouts and other programs.

Until about 30 years ago, the value of the US Dollar was tied to the value of gold.  We were on a gold standard.  In 1971 President Nixon abolished the gold standard which made it possible for the government to have more money printed without it being backed up by anything.  You’ve got to hear Glenn Beck’s description of this and see his chart.  It is amazing and somewhat disturbing.

I recommend that you convert some of your savings into something that will hold its value while all of this insanity is going on.  I found a great place to get private gold and silver.  Right now they are even offering a FREE GIFT just for taking a look.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Go ahead and check it out.

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