The Myth of the Self-Made Millionaire

You’ve heard about self-made millionaires before, right? Have you ever met one? Were they really self-made, as in they did it all by themselves?

I’ve been studying Loral Langemeier‘s programs again and she puts out the idea of team-made millionaires because you cannot really become a millionaire all by yourself. In reaching that point you will run into things that you don’t know how to do or things that are better left to others so that you can stay focused on making money. You need a team to take on those tasks, such as bookkeeping or cleaning your house, so that you can stay focused on the tasks you need to be doing. Besides, you are supporting other businesses in your area by hiring out those tasks.

I see this as a big problem in network marketing. To be successful we need to treat our network marketing as a business and teach our downlines to treat it as a business too, which means creating a team to take care of things so that we can spend our time prospecting and creating new business partners and selling our products or services.

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Wayne Woodworth
Network Marketer
A home-based business is still a business

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