Diversify Your Savings with Gold

I have been learning about gold recently. Gold has been used as money since before recorded history. In more modern times it became easier to carry paper money and less valuable coins to pay for goods and services, but the money was still backed by gold and silver. I actually have an old $1 bill that bears the words “Silver Certificate”. In 1971 President Nixon took the US off the gold standard changing American currency to fiat currency.

From Wikipedia: “Fiat money achieves value because a government accepts it in payment of taxes and says it can be used within the country as a “tender” (offering) to pay all debts.”

Translated, that means that our money has value simply because the government says it does.

The value of gold is much more stable right now than the value of the dollar, so I looked into investing in gold.  I found a company that lets me buy a little bit of gold every month so that I can diversify my savings and gradually build some stable wealth.  Actually, I joined the company.

Check them out, they are called YOUnique Wealth.

Wayne Woodworth
Internet Networker

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