My Dad Cannot Afford to Retire, But He’s Better Off Than Most

I often hear my Dad say that he cannot afford to retire or that he cannot afford to live past 85 years old.

That’s really sad to hear from someone who has worked and saved their whole life, earned a pension, and invested in their 401k. He’s done everything exactly as he was supposed to, as we have all been taught.

My Dad is an accountant. He knows all about saving, investing, and forecasting his money. That’s how he knows that he only has enough to live on until he reaches 85.

I don’t think it is really as dire as he says, but still. That isn’t something that he is supposed to have to worry about when he gets to retirement age.

And he’s better off than most people as they reach retirement.

That’s why I am in network marketing and doing some affiliate marketing on top of that. I have also invested in a little bit of gold and silver over the years.

Have you noticed that there are more and more places displaying “We Buy Gold” signs? That’s because the value of gold is going up and the value of the dollar is going down. It’s a good investment. Everything I hear says that gold will be used as money again soon and the dollar will be worthless paper.

Anyway, you need to take care of your future, and one way to do that is to build something that can earn you a residual income, like a network marketing business.

As you build your network marketing business, adding people to your team, you earn income from their efforts. Income that doesn’t depend on your direct involvement.

I am building my business online, which gives me an added level of residual income. Every page that I write on my website is a sales person that goes out and works for me 24 hours a day and passes up 100% of the income it earns to me.

Find out more about network marketing here. If you would like to learn more about joining my team with a wellness company, you can do that here.

Wayne Woodworth

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