Would You Like a Stake in the Greatest Transfer of Wealth?

I’ve heard it said many times and from many different people that the Great Depression represents the greatest transfer of wealth in American history. I have also heard, again from many different people over the past few years, that we are facing another transfer of wealth, possibly even bigger than the Great Depression.

What they mean when they say transfer of wealth, at least in this case, is that as the value of one form of wealth declines (the unbacked US dollar) the value of other forms of wealth increase (like gold and silver).

There is a lot of talk right now about inflation, hyperinflation, and deflation. All of the experts are speculating about what is actually going to happen this time around.

This creates an incredible opportunity for people with the right kind of knowledge to position themselves on the receiving end of that wealth transfer. The trick is to get the right kind of knowledge. It isn’t just about buying up all of the gold and silver you can find.

While I have heard many so-called gurus talk about this information, there is only one who I have heard actually talk about how to do all of this. How to buy gold and silver, how to position yourself to take advantage of the things that are going on in the economy, how to protect your wealth. He has been researching the knowledge that he needs to succeed and is sharing it with the rest of us.

Mike Dillard has webinar coming up soon where he will talk about some of these topics and tell you how you can find out more.


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