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Loral Langemeier has a new book coming out on October 13th, and they are expecting it to be a best seller just like her three Millionaire Maker books are.

I’ve talked about Loral several times here, mostly about her Cash Machine Workshop live event. The reason I devote so much time to her is that she is for real. She isn’t selling a program that requires you to spend a wad of money to learn a bunch of new skills so that you can hopefully start to make a little money in a year or two. She encourages you (at the live events she pushes you) to use what you already know to start making money today. Once you are making money, then you spend the money to hire the team that will support you.

Here’s the description of the book:

Turn what you know into dough!

You Don’t have fixed potential, why accept fixed income? By following Loral’s simple and straightforward approach, you’ll put more cash – $1000 or more a month, into your pocket in no time. I’ve helped thousands of people make extra cash fast. People from all different backgrounds, in a variety of situations, all over the world. People just like you!

Get on the list to be one of the first to get the book. Click hereĀ  to Loral’s site.

In the big lead-up to the book, Loral has recorded a free 20 minute video that is all content. You can get to it by going to my PlayLikeAMillionaire site and entering your name and email address. If nothing else, it’s a great free introduction to Loral Langemeier. Go check it out.

Wayne Woodworth
Play Like a Millionaire

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