Your Customers’ Opinions Matter

Do you have a convenient, easy way for you customers to talk to you?

One easy way to stand out from the crowd is to be responsive to your customer, so it is important there are ways for them to interact with you. This is especially important when your business is only online.  An easy way is to allow your customers to post comments on a blog or to have a contact page where they can send you a message. But that’s only half of the equation. You also have to respond. Your standing with your customers will increase immensely if you actually answer the questions and comments they have. That will help you create a relationship with your customers because you have shown that you are a real person.

For brick and mortar-type stores this is very easy because there is a sales person for your customers to interact with. In the online world there is just a webpage. As I already said, comment forms are one way to make yourself available to your customers. Social media is another great way. Your customers can become friends or fans on Facebook and they can follow you on Twitter. This works great for building a community among your customers. Don’t forget to be active in your new community.

Wayne Woodworth

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