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Bob Proctor can help you get success for your business in just 6 minutes every day.

I have been subscribed to Bob Proctor’s 6 Minutes to Success for a couple months now and I look forward to it every morning.  It is a daily video that is only a minute or two long in which Bob Proctor talks about a specific concept for you to think about during your day.

So far the episodes have covered a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • The 6 Steps to Success as described in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich
  • The 7 Positive and 7 Negative emotions and how they control you.
  • Your mental muscles
  • Focus
  • Gratitude
  • Responsibility

At the time I’m writing this, Bob has just started going through the Laws of the Universe.  The first one is that Energy just is.  The idea is that things just are.  They are neither good nor bad or any other quality that we ascribe to them.  For example, $10 is just $10.  If is was your paycheck for a week’s work you might think it is bad.  On the other hand, if you just found it laying on the sidewalk it would be a pretty good thing.  In and of itself though, it is just $10, no more and no less.  It is a powerful idea because it gives you complete control over how you interpret everything you experience.

I recommend that you check out Bob Proctor’s 6 Minutes to Success.  They let you try it out for free for the first week so what do you have to lose?

Wayne Woodworth
Building my success in just 6 minutes a day with Bob

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