Do You Believe the Media?

The successful people in business that I have talked to don’t watch the news or read newspapers.  That doesn’t mean that they are completely uninformed about what is going on in the world, but more that they don’t want to be overly influenced by what the media says.

The media wants you to believe that the economy is in recession and things are getting worse.  That may be the truth for some, like some banks and the American auto industry where things are really bad because of bad business decisions they made.  For others though, things are going very well.  My business has never been better and my wife has just launched a new business of her own.

If you pay attention to the media you probably think that there is a terrorist waiting around the corner to get you as soon as you step on the street.  In my town it is still perfectly safe for my four year old daughter’s teacher to walk her class two blocks from one building to another.  In most cases I bet your town is closer to how mine is than downtown Baghdad.

So, one thing you can do to turn your business around if it is struggling is to ignore all of the over-sensationalized media stories about how bad things are and spend more of your time focusing on the things you can do to strengthen and grow your business.  Or do what my wife did and start a new one.

Wayne Woodworth
Successful Internet Network Marketer
Recession? What recession?

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