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A Key to Success

I received a key to success from Jack Canfield this week.  Not just financial success, although it definitely does apply.  It is a key to success in any area of your life that you are looking for more success. You … Continue reading

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Diminishing Value of the Dollar

The value of the dollar has been decreasing over the past several years.  You know that.  You know why too.  The government keeps pumping out more money in the form of bailouts and other programs. Until about 30 years ago, … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Live the Good Life?

I have started listening to Bob Proctor’s Mission in Commission program, which is for people who make their income through sales.   He makes a few statements on the first disk that really stood out to me. First is a quote … Continue reading

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Would You Like to Have Wealth Beyond Reason?

Wealth Beyond Reason sounds good doesn’t it? I have used a lot of programs about the Law of Attraction and other related topics from Bob Proctor, James Ray, and others and they are all very good.  I highly recommend them.  … Continue reading

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