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PROVEN: Science to Getting Rich

I spent this past weekend at a Bob Proctor live seminar.  The man really knows how to make money, and he should because he’s been studying it for more than 40 years.  One of the books he has studied is … Continue reading

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The Solution to Rising Health Care Costs

Before the economy became a problem, the news stories were about how health care is too expensive and people cannot afford insurance. Now that the economy is the top story, even more people are unable to afford health care. Do … Continue reading

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Bob Proctor Wants to Make You Some Money

Have you heard of Bob Proctor?  Whether you have or not, he wants you to be rich. I have blogged before about affiliate marketing programs and a great opportunity arrived in my email this week. A couple years ago Bob … Continue reading

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Corporate Structure and Network Marketing

The company that I used to work for has an upside down pyramid for their corporate structure.  The customers are at the top because a company cannot exist without customers.  The next layer down has the regular employees who support … Continue reading

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