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Mike Maloney On The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

I received a link to this video not too long ago with Mike Maloney of goldsilver.com talking about the soon to come greatest wealth transfer in history. Check it out.

Gold has become very expensive over the last few years, so I like silver. Silver, while getting more and more expensive, is still affordable and regular people still have the opportunity to build up a small stock pile as a hedge against whatever may happen.

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Asset Diversification

Diversifying your assets can save your retirement.

If you know anything about the stock market, you know that the experts say that you need to diversify your stock portfolio.  You have a better chance of making money if you have it spread out over multiple companies in multiple sectors.  That way you are insulated from the risk of something happening to one company or even a whole sector.  If you remember the Enron scandal then you probably remember hearing stories of people losing their entire retirement savings because it was all invested in that one company.  You may also remember the “Dot Com” bust when that entire sector took a huge dive.  Mutual funds are a great way for ordinary people to diversify their stock holdings because they provide a single place to invest money that then gets invested in a broad sampling of companies that have been selected by an expert.

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